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Stuff of legend

SamBakZa, your animation is legendary, you've set a new standard for flash. YOUR WORK IS LEGENDARY... Youre a newground legend. Enough said, this episode is exceptionnal, like the rest of your work.

Thank you for doing this, godspeed. I hope you can live out of this someday

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Nicely done

Excellent submition and great adaptation of one of the coolest Maul return out there (better than maul/vader imo) nice choice of angles and cool animation but i think if you had a few voice actors it would really make it even better. sadly everyone sounds the same and quite frankly a bit more intonation/character wouldNt hurt at all. Congrats for teh front page, peace!

Kickass sound editing!

Woah you did a very impressive job on this. must have been long to get the samples but man this is hilarious, the first one is the best one imo since this one has some hearable cuts (probably explains the astronaut concept and filter) but still man great piece of work, keep it up, i love it.

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Slightly too easy to my taste but very well done. A few more upgrades and perks culd have been nice.

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This was pretty fun untill i fought the last town and the boss never appeared... kinda sucks but cool game dude

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Nice but..

Monster evolution would have been nice
Award integration would be nice
Separate mute for sfx and music
Wider monster choice at the start or chance to get a new one would have been nice

Besides that very nice game man

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Go fuck your goat redneck

Weak beat, weak sound, weak lyrics, and racist motherfucking song gay nazi faggot.
I'll still give you 2 for the effort of making an ass of yourself but I'd blow that fuckling whistle if there was one in audio portal...

moonpie210 responds:

Im not A redneck im a Black Neck im Black Dude Im not White But the beat come from flashmac look him up and you will see it his beat not my beat we was just making fun of the beat because that what is sound like to us.......hahaha but it was funny tho but later thinks for the 2

How about a label?

This is top material buddy, it still needs some work but its it AWESOME. I was wondering if you had a label and if you didn't if you were interrested in joining one. PM me and I'll hook you up

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Solid basics, now for the tweeks

This sounds clean, nice layers and beat progression, you've done a good job on this one BUT i do think it might be time to update your sample database. You need a good drum kit, one that has more definition and that has batter quality my friend and a bit of work on the compression. A sidechain compressor could do wonders for this one.

Oh yeah and please don't end you songs with a fadeout, we're not in the 80's anymore and it make it seem like you're too lazy to make an ending ^_~

I give you 7.5 rounded up

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